Attic Ventilation and Winter


Attic Ventilation
We all know how unpredictable the South Carolina weather can be. How much time have you spent working in your attic? Is your roof and attic ready for winter?Attic ventilation is a combination of air intake (at the eaves) and air exhaust (near the ridge). The purpose of insulation in your attic is to help lower the temperatures in your house. Ventilation is important because it helps prevent ice dams during the winter. When ice and snow fall on a roof, they will melt and run down to the cooler eaves. Once there, it can refreeze, which can force water under your shingles and into your home. Good attic ventilation can limit the amount of initial melting that occurs on your roof & lowers the chance of ice dams forming. It is recommended by the Federal Housing Administration that you maintain a minimum of 1 square foot of both intake and exhaust ventilation per 300 square feet of attic space. The amount of ventilation should always be divided evenly between the two. If you’re unsure how much ventilation you need, visit GAF’s Ventilation Calculator .
Many people are unaware of how much proper ventilation can improve (or destroy) your home. Improper ventilation in your attic can lead to premature roofing system aging and damage to house siding, paint or wallpaper. Having attic insulation up against the bottom of the roof deck at the eaves blocks the flow of air and can cause moisture buildup even when the house has vents at the eaves and ridge. This can also be caused by household appliances such as bathtubs, showers, and cooking vapors. These can provide excess moisture buildup, which can collect on the underside of the roof and eventually cause it to condense and soak the insulation. This can cause mildew growth, roof deck warping, and shingle buckling. Poor ventilation can ruin your insulation, which can potentially raise your energy bills.  You work hard to keep your family warm and your home sturdy. Don’t forget about your roof just because it is over your head, call Rennison Roofing for a complete roof inspection and Roof Tune-Up.
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