Experience Peerless Beauty and Strength With James Hardie Siding

Stunning looks, colors that refuse to fade, and durability that is second to none. James Hardie fiber cement products provide undeniable curb appeal while standing up to the worst the elements can throw at it!


Types of Hardie Siding

Hardie Board siding gives your home’s exterior the strength of concrete while matching the appearance of wood planks, Cape-Cod style shingle siding, sanded stucco, or modern artisan designs.

Plank Lap Siding by James Hardie. Installed in and around Columbia South Carolina.

Hardie Plank Lap Siding

The classic. Get the look of traditional wood plank lap siding without needing to worry about termites or rot. With ColorPlus® technology you’ll get decades of fade free color.

Architectural siding by James Hardie. Installed in and around Columbia South Carolina.

Hardie Architectural Siding

Stand out from the crowd. Choose from a variety of finishes ranging from the sleek, modern look of fine grained sand to traditional stucco. Primed for paint – choose any color under the sun!

Shingle Siding by James Hardie. Installed in and around Columbia South Carolina.

Hardie Shingle Siding

Timeless beauty. Choose from classic cedar shake siding or go with staggered shingles for a relaxed and welcoming vibe. With ColorPlus® technology you’ll get decades of fade free color.

Artisan Siding. The Aspyre Collection by James Hardie. Installed in and around Columbia South Carolina.

Hardie Artisan Siding

Double thickness for greater visual impact. These extra thick boards allow for more dimensionality and provide striking looks. Primed for paint – choose any color under the sun!

Why Choose James Hardie Siding?

Wood siding warps with time and vinyl siding turns brittle as it ages. James Hardie siding provides decades of beauty and durability to your home’s exterior.

Unbelievable Beauty

Whether you want authentic wood grain, hand-smoothed stucco, or crisp architectural lines, James Hardie siding products make your home’s exterior look incredible!

Unbeatable Durability

Fire resistant. Mold resistant. Impact resistant. Termite resistant. Weather resistant. James Hardie building products outlast wood and vinyl with a fraction of the maintenance.

30-Year Warranty

James Hardie stands behind their products with a 30-year warranty against termite and hail damage and their ColorPlus® products come with a 15-year guarantee against fading.

Seeing is Believing

We’ve been installing siding for a long time and still find ourselves impressed by how great James Hardie siding replacements look. See for yourself:

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Why Choose Rennison Roofing & Exteriors

When you choose Rennison Roofing & Exteriors for your James Hardie siding installation, you’re getting experience, expertise, and our commitment to excellence.

James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor

Work with a trusted James Hardie provider! Elite Preferred is the highest level within the James Hardie Alliance Program, which is designed to help match homeowners with qualified installers.

Decades of Experience

David Rennison started his career in construction twenty years ago and our installation crews are experienced and talented tradesmen who get the job done right the first time.

Licensed, Insured, and Trusted

Your new siding is only as reliable as your siding contractor. We are licensed and insured and have a proven track record of excellence in the Midlands.

5 star review rating

“They installed new Hardie board siding on our house and it looks great! They were punctual, professional, and cleaned up all the debris.”

~ Pamela Keniston

5 star review rating

“Lloyd and his crew did a fantastic job replacing the vinyl siding on our home. Their workmanship, attention to detail and cleanliness set them apart from any company I’ve hired in my 20 plus years living here.”

~ Larry Driggers

5 star review rating

“Rennison did a great job with my fiber cement siding and windows! Great communication the whole time.”

~ Frederick Metzger

Financing Available

James Hardie siding is an investment in your future and we’re proud to partner with PowerPay to bring you competitive financing options.

Rennison Roofing James Hardie siding samples
James Hardie Contractor Alliance. Rennison Roofing is Gold Elite Referred.

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t James Hardie really expensive when compared to vinyl siding?

Surprisingly – no! James Hardie is slightly more expensive upfront than vinyl siding, but is actually far cheaper over the course of its lifespan. Check out our article breaking down the typical costs associated with a James Hardie and vinyl siding installations where we compare actual quotes from a Midlands-area home.

How long does James Hardie siding last?

James Hardie siding is incredibly long lasting and you can expect it to far outlast its 30 year warranty. It is reasonable to expect that your siding will provide fifty (50) years of low-maintenance life.

Will James Hardie siding rot, mold, crack, or get termites?

James Hardie siding is mold resistant and will not rot, crack, or get termites. For best results it is important that your siding is installed with the correct fasteners and water-resistant sheathing or weather barrier. While the siding itself is incredibly resilient, it is still essential to properly isolate your home’s interior from the elements.

Am I eligible for a reduction in my homeowners insurance if I have James Hardie siding?

In many cases, yes. Due to James Hardie’s incredible fire resistance, many homeowners insurance companies offer discounts for replacing other more flammable types of siding like wood and vinyl with James Hardie. Speak with your insurance agent to learn more.

How often do I need to repaint my James Hardie fiber cement siding?

James Hardie cement boards with ColorPlus® technology will likely need repainting at the 20 to 25 year mark. This compares favorably with vinyl which will usually need to be fully replaced at this point.

How long does the installation process take?

On average, it takes between one and two weeks to fully install James Hardie siding on your house. The actual installation time will depend on a variety of factors including:

  • Size and shape of your home
  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Building inspection scheduling
  • Old panel removal
  • Whether or not there is any underlying damage to be repaired

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