Hail Damage

It happens to the best of us. Heavy storms roll in during the summer, and the next thing you know, golf ball-sized hail is wrecking the shingles on your roof and cracking your car’s windshield.

Well, we can’t help you with the car. But we can help you with your roof.

Roofing Repair and Storm Damage

weather damaged home

Hail comes with strong summer storms. When hot air mixes with cold, it can cause precipitation. But depending on how hot that air is, heavy winds can carry rain up and down the inside of a storm system. This rain freezes, and refreshes, until it becomes too heavy to stay in the air. Then it comes down as hail. 

Here’s the thing about hail: regardless of whether it is the size of a golf ball or the size of a nickel, it can cause serious damage to your roof. That’s because it comes down fast and heavy. And, if your roof is already older or suffering from storm damage, a little hail can cause just enough damage to cause problems. 

It’s not just the hail, either. With hail often comes strong storms that bring heavy rain, wind, and debris damage. The hail is just another component in the problem. Furthermore, depending on the kind of shingles you have, you could be looking at more damage.

That’s where Rennison Roofing steps in. If hail has caused damage to your roof or shingles, we can find out about it and make the repairs necessary.

Inspection and Repair

So, after a big storm rolls through, call us up to have a hail damage inspection of your roof. Our experts can assess the potential damage to the shingles and the under roof itself, provide an accurate and detailed report of the damage and suggested repairs, and a quote for the services.  

Once we get an agreement, we will send out our professional roofers to start the work. We’ll work on your schedule, with your home and family in mind, to get your roof replaced quickly and properly.  

You don’t have to worry about roof hail damage once Rennison Roofing is on the job.

Financing and Roof Hail Damage Insurance Claims

Replacing a roof is no small task, and it is often made more frustrating when you factor in unexpected hail damage and insurance claims for your home. 

Rennison Roofing wants any repairs or replacements to be as pain-free as possible. That’s why we can help you work with your insurance company to get your claim processed. We can provide you with all the paperwork required, and directly communicate with your insurance adjuster to make sure your claim is properly filed and covered. 

And, if unexpected hail damage occurs, don’t wait it out because you’re between paychecks. You need to get it taken care of. Check out our flexible financing option so you can spread the costs of repair from hail damage over a few months or years.