Commitment to Quality

Roof Repair in Columbia SC
The great Aristotle once stated, “Quality is not an act, it is a habit.”  When I first obtained my license as a Residential Home Builder back in 2003, I knew I wanted to make quality a habit that showed in every project I completed. Paying heed to Aristotle’s wisdom was not easy at first. As a new small business owner, it is simple to get in the habit of trying to be the cheapest to obtain as much business as possible. Yet as I found, cheaper is usually a contradiction to quality. For me to provide the highest quality to every home or business we worked with, meant being picky about the services and products we provided. It meant sitting down and deciding what services we were best at and sticking too it. So, we narrowed our services to just exteriors, particularly roofing, and became Rennison Roofing and Exteriors in 2015.

Partners with High Quality Standards


They say you are the company you keep, and I felt that rang true in business relationships as well. Once we had our services narrowed to reflect our strongest craftsmanship, I knew we needed to surround ourselves with leaders in each field. Right away I reached out to make partnerships with suppliers and manufacturers that my team could be proud to use. The first partnership was with Windoor, a local door manufacturer, located in South Carolina. We just could not believe our luck as a team. Not only did Windoor provide rot-proof door jams so that we could offer a cost effective, energy saving door, but they were local. This meant we could stay in touch with Windoor easily and support the local economy here in South Carolina.

Around the same time, we also partnered with the North American Roofing manufacturer, GAF Roofing, known for providing the best roofing supplies on the market with a habit of being American made! Lastly, we needed windows, so we found and partnered with America’s Best Choice and Provia. Both manufacturers have years of proven commitment to quality, offering some of the best windows and custom-made doors available on the market then and still holding true today. We felt amazing, we were able to ensure we didn’t sell or install products that would cause the same problems that lead to the need for replacement in the first place. However, just because we offered quality supplies, didn’t guarantee we had a habit of quality craftsmanship, we still hadn’t fully formed our quality habit yet.

Forming Good Business Habits


As the owner of Rennison Roofing and the leader of my team, I knew I must practice what I preached. I had to show my team that we didn’t cut corners to save money. That if we provided an excellent, true quality job, then our services would sell themselves. I ensured that I was setting a good example by being the first to apply new standards in our field locally. 7 years ago, we starting to put Ice and Water barriers on every roof we completed. This ensured that each valley on the roof was protected at the highest benchmark possible. 5 years ago, we mandated that every roof gets a drip edge to give each shingle the longest life. Then 4 years ago we swore off tar-paper and replaced it with synthetic felt. On every project without exception, we remove all the old material, never just laying a new roof over the old, worn roof, as we find so often. We were, and still are, able to provide quality craftsmanship as a guarantee that we back with warranties, without doubling our price.

Over 10 years ago, I knew I wanted to make quality a habit. I found a habit isn’t formed overnight, it takes dedication, it takes commitment. Today I am proud to say we at Rennison Roofing and Exteriors have a commitment to quality unlike any other contractor in the Midlands. This commitment is shown in every project we complete. From treating your home or business as if it were our own, to providing high quality, tested products. You can see our habit has formed. This habit has been recognized by our suppliers, shown by being made a Master Elite Roofing contractor by GAF. As well as our customers, by having won the Angie’s List Super Service Award for the last 6 years straight. I hope we would make Aristotle proud with our good habits. Let us know what you think of our commitment to quality by calling us for a free estimate today.