As homes get older, the weather takes its toll, and foundations settle, your windows can start to get out of whack. That can prove to be a serious problem, however; if you wait for a window replacement or repair, you could be allowing

Rain and moisture to leak into your walls,

Outside pollen and mold to get into your home, and

Hot and cold air to escape from your home into the outdoor world.

It’s Time to Call Your Local Window Pros!

With problems like these, you will start to notice things like a mildew smell, higher power bills, and drafty rooms that are colder or warmer than they should be.

If you start to suffer from any of these issues, or if you suspect that your home windows are causing problems, call Rennison Roofing to learn more about our home window installation and window replacement services.

Or, if you just want to shift the look or feel of your house, then we can also talk about removing older windows and providing new replacement windows that better reflect your style and sensibilities.

Experienced Window Replacement in Columbia, SC

Rennison Roofing has been replacing and installing windows in the Columbia, SC area for years. During that time, we have seen some old, scary windows.

The truth is that many households still have the exact same windows that were installed in the house when it was built. The issues with energy efficiency and comfort were just so small that, over time, they never paid attention to it. And it often ended up costing them hundreds, or thousands, of dollars.

We know that the last thing you want to mess with is a replacement window. But Rennison Roofing can provide the expert advice you need to make an informed decision about it. And when you make your decision, we can get your old windows out and your replacement windows installed in no time at all.

Casement windows

Home Window Installation and Replacement Windows

Replacing your home windows is an investment. New windows provide


A beautiful new look for your house


Better protection for the structure of your home from the elements, and


Higher energy efficiency due to retained heating and cooling

So, if you even think there is an issue, call us to see how we can help. We’ll give you a consultation with the expected repairs and costs. We have partnered with some of the nation’s best window manufacturers to provide some of the sturdiest, prettiest, and most reliable windows in South Carolina.

We work local, partner local, and consider our customers in the Midlands our family. Whether you need a consultation, a complete window removal and reinstallation, or a finance plan to cover unexpected repairs in case of emergency, Rennison Roofing will take care of you.