Exterior Home Siding

Whether you want to renovate, revitalize, or install new vinyl siding, then you should give Rennison Roofing a call. With Rennison, you get one of the few contractors offering James Hardie siding, a classic siding provider with some of the most attractive and modern styles and colors on the market. More importantly, new or maintained siding keeps your house healthy and attractive. 

Rennison Roofing offers free estimates for any replacements or repairs.


Why James Hardie?

Siding is exposed to Mother Nature all day, every day, for years. Weather, water, time, fire and pests—all can lead to trouble. That’s why James Hardie’s hardworking products are engineered to stand up beautifully, whatever the elements.


Moisture & Rot Resistance

James Hardie products are specifically engineered to withstand damage from moisture and rot, and will hold their own, come rain, sleet, or snow.

Express Your Style

James Hardie Products come in so many styles and colors, you will finally find a siding that can express you. Add beauty and strength to your home with James Hardie and Rennison Roofing. Click here to build your color palette today!

Columbia’s Answer for Siding Installation 

Healthy and well-maintained vinyl siding can add a lot of value to a home. It can make it attractive to your neighbors and visitors, protect the house from rain damage, and help keep warm and cool air inside your home.

Vinyl siding that isn’t well maintained, however, can bring a lot of problems. Over time, siding can  

  1. Warp, bulge, or bubble out 
  2. Fade from exposure to the sun 
  3. Expand and contract, allowing water to seep in 
  4. Crack from storm or wind damage 
  5. Become loose and hang from your home or bang against your house during heavy winds.

All of these have their own issues. First, none of them provide an attractive image for outsider looking in. Warped and torn siding is often the sign of a mismanaged home and can hurt the value of your property.  

Perhaps more importantly, however, bad siding can also allow damaging rainwater to saturate the wood of your home. This, in turn, can cause major damage to the structure of your home, and allow things like mold and mildew to start growing.  

And, there is just the fact that siding can grow old and need replaced. Years of wear and tear, of being hit by baseballs and dirt, make siding less and less attractive.

James Hardie Siding for a Beautiful Home

With a professional installation team, you can also pick from attractive siding from our partner James Hardie Siding.  

Not only is James Hardie an industrial home building manufacturer, they are innovators in siding and home exterior protection and improvements. They are regularly ahead of the competitors in terms of the kinds of materials and techniques they use for their siding, building their siding with fiber cement rather than vinyl. This makes their siding some of the most durable siding available on the market. 

What’s more, James Hardie siding is regularly recognized as some of the most popular siding in the country. It comes in a series of attractive colors and styles and protects better than vinyl siding or wood.

Rennison Roofing James Hardie siding samples

With James Hardie siding, you get siding that is  

  • Attractive, with dozens of colors with ColorPlus Technology 
  • Durable and long-lasting 
  • Energy-efficient 

All James Hardie siding is primed and ready for painting as well, should you want to take a DIY approach.

Rennison Roofing is proud to be one of the few contractors in the South Carolina area that offers James Hardie siding. When you get your home siding repaired or replaced, know that Rennison Roofing not only provides the expertise, but also provides you with several options on how to keep your home attractive and inviting for years to come.

Financing, Estimates, and Consultation

Replacing or installing vinyl siding can be a big deal, especially if it is an unexpected cost.  

Rennison Roofing has been a local Columbia, SC roofing company for almost two decades. We consider ourselves part of the Midlands family, and we want to make sure that we take care of our neighbors with high-quality work and great customer service. So, when you have a siding issue, we provide a free estimate and consultation to help determine your exact issues and the steps needed to fix them. We also have financing options to help you pay for your siding replacement over time.

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