Extend the Life of your Home with GAF Roof Shingles

South Carolina’s extreme weather conditions can go from bad to worse in an instant, and your roof is the first line of defense from any storm. Whether you’re installing a roof on a new home, or upgrading your old property, you need roofing materials that will protect your home for years to come.

That’s why, we’ve partnered with GAF to provide the most superior roof shingles to our neighbors across the Midlands. Delivering the highest quality products with expert craftsmanship is our top priority. So, no matter what your budget is, we’ll help you find a solution that’s perfect for you, and your home.

Rennison Roofing: GAF contractors with Master Elite Certification

GAF roof warranties are only valid when the correct installation has taken place. So, you need a roof contractor that has the skills, experience, and expertise to ensure the job is done right. You’ll be glad to know, we’re registered as GAF Master Elite® contractors. A certification that only 2% of roofing contractors in North America have. When you work with us, you’ll get:

  • Access to all GAF roof warranties
  • Elite installation service
  • Expert craftsmanship
  • Decades of experience
  • Short and long-term financing options
  • Range of options to suit your needs
  • Friendly, reliable, and professional service

Replacing your roof doesn’t happen very often, so when making such an investment, you need the highest quality products and a roofing contractor you can trust. With GAF roof shingles and Rennison Roofing, you’re guaranteed to have both.

Defend your home from any storm with GAF roof shingles

Offering the ultimate protection from storm damage, and long-lasting durability are GAF’s range of roof shingles. With attractive designs in a variety of colors, you’ll find a style that gives your home a fresh, new look without breaking the bank. No matter what design you choose, you’ll benefit from:

  • ColorLock® firing technology to prevent fading shingles
  • Architecturally beautiful designs
  • Enhanced protection from strong winds, hail, and fire
  • Algae resistance
  • Reduced energy bills
  • Long-lasting appeal
  • Increased home resale value
  • Lifetime warranties

Even better, we offer short and long-term financing options. So, you can ensure your home is protected from any weather extremes, and avoid huge upfront costs. We’ll even help you with your home insurance claim if you’re upgrading due to storm damage.

Unrivaled protection with GAF roof warranties

One of the reasons GAF roof products are so popular are the unbeatable labor and product warranties. When you’re investing in a roof replacement or new installation, you need assurance that the materials are of the highest quality and guaranteed to last. GAF roof warranties include:

  • GAF shingle and accessory limited warranty
  • GAF roofing system limited warranty
  • System plus limited warranty
  • Silver pledge limited warranty
  • Golden pledge limited warranty

Depending on which option you choose, you can get workmanship guaranteed for up to 25 years, and products guaranteed for up to 50 years. You can rest assured your roof, and your investment is protected for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a GAF certified Contractor?

GAF Master Elite® contractors are experts in the latest technologies, materials, and techniques for GAF roofing products. As we participate in extensive training each year, you’ll have access to the top 2% of roofing contractors in North America, and the most inclusive warranties on the roofing market.

What is a GAF system plus warranty?

A GAF system plus warranty is the basic level warranty from GAF. You’ll get a wind warranty for 15 years, algae warranty for 10 years, and a lifetime warranty for product defects. Tear-off of your roof is covered when necessary, but it doesn’t cover the disposal of it. But, if you’d like a warranty upgrade to cover disposals and installations, give us a call.

What is your best quality GAF Shingle?

We offer a range of high-quality GAF shingles, but the best quality for you depends on what you need for your home. Each set of shingles come in a range of GAF colors and materials, so it’s important to choose a type that offers the best protection for your local weather conditions such as:

  • High winds
  • Heavy sun exposure
  • High moisture
  • Hailstorms

We offer free consultations to help you decide which option is best for your home, so call us anytime for more information.

South Carolina storms are notorious for causing damage to residential and commercial properties. No matter if you need minor siding repairs or a full roof replacement, we’ll work with you to find the highest quality, cost-effective solution that suits you, your property, and your budget. Add beauty and strength to your home with Rennison Roofing and Exteriors.

When you need Master Elite® GAF contractors, think Rennison Roofing

A new roof is a big investment, and it’s essential that the job is done right to avail of the best warranties that GAF has to offer. Rest assured, you can trust us to provide the best roofing materials and workmanship to keep your home safe, dry, and protected for years to come.

GAF Roof on a house in Irmo SC

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