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Exterior doors are often the first thing that many people see when they approach your home. Make sure your first impression is a lasting one with a new exterior door installed by Rennison Roofing and Exteriors.  If it is time to replace your exterior doors, then call Rennison. We provide great customer service along with decades of combined experience in exterior door replacement and door frame replacement. We can get you a new or designer door installed quickly and reliably.

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Why Replace an Exterior Door?

Just like any other portion of your home, doors age. They get old, dirty, and damaged. This means that: 

  1. As the door ages, it gets less and less attractive. Paint fades, stains accumulate, and physical damage starts to add up.  
  2. As the house ages and the foundations settle, a door can cease to provide the seal or protection that your home needs. An improperly-fitted door can allow climate-controlled air to escape from your home, making your house drafty and causing your utility bills to skyrocket. 

And no one wants this, least of all us. So, if your door is looking its age, or if your entrance foyer is drafty and your heating bills are on the rise, then call Rennison Roofing.

We can send out our professionals for a free consultation. We’ll check out your windows and exterior doors to see the extent of your issues, and provide an accurate quote reflecting our best estimate of the steps needed to fix your problems. Then you can just sit back while we take care of the rest. 

Door Installation Partnerships

Rennison Roofing primarily works with Windoor and ProVia door manufacturers. These companies make some of the most beautiful and reliable doors on the market. Whether you need an ornate decorative door or a regular, solid replacement door, we can get a style and fit that suits your needs, and the needs of your home. 

Also consider this: many homeowners are starting to move towards installing antique or designer door slabs for their exterior entryways. When you want to install a custom exterior door, we can also get the parts needed and do the installation ourselves.

Play with the ProVia© Visualizer and design your perfect first impression!

Entry Door By ProVia

Emergency or Cosmetic Door Installation

Whether you need a new door to brighten your home, or to repair new gaps in the door jamb seal, Rennison can get you taken care of.  We offer decades of experience, professional customer service, with a financing option to help you make monthly payments without breaking your budget. 

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