Exterior Spring Cleaning

cleaning windows

Start with the top and the bottom… Structure Matters

With the sun out and temperatures are climbing, now is the time for homeowners to take to the great outdoors, spring cleaning time is here! As your local exteriors experts, we at Rennison Roofing put together a checklist to help you maintain and clean up your home. We know you are busy with life, so to help keep your cleaning time and effort to a minimum, we have split this checklist up into two phases. Work time is estimated to be two weekends, most of which is spent outside. A little hard work will increase the life of your home and prevent emergency issues like rot, leaks and emergency services to plumbing or HVAC A detailed look around can tell you a lot about the health of your home. Start at the Top:

Inspect your attic


Yes, we know, it is not outside, but if you start in your attic, you can see if there are leaks that might make your roof too weak to hold your weight. Look around your attic for water damage from the roof and check your HVAC unit for leaks, water damage and rust. It is also a good idea to look around for pests, as you do not want anything to make themselves at home above your family’s head. If you notice any issues, call a professional to get it fixed, don’t wait until it becomes an emergency service as that will increase your rate, and could increase your energy bills. If you don’t notice any issue, then move on to step 2!  

Get up on your roof


Your roof is the unspoken hero of your home and our favorite part of any structure, hence our name.  It’s important that at least yearly you remove any debris from trees, especially the leaves and pine needles stuck next to your chimney and vents.  The buildup of fallen vegetation can be the perfect spot to grow mold and mildew, leading to damage to your shingles and rotting of your roof structure. Look around your roof for any damaged or loose shingles and check for trees that are too close or touching your roof. Any trees should be cut back and trimmed to prevent damage and looked at for risk of falling on your home or your neighbors home in the next storm. If you notice any issues on your roof, feel free to give us a call, we offer free estimates and total inspections of your roof.  

Examine your gutters


Here in South Carolina, these are great at attracting pine needles and leaves over our fall and winter months. This leads to a build up of yard waste in downpipes and can lead to gutter flooding. A flooded or backed up gutter can cause damage to your roof and your foundation. To avoid this expensive damage, we suggest good old fashion cleaning, get a pair of heavy duty rubber gloves and a black trash bag or a bucket. Reach in to the gutter opening and just clear it out. Use a hose to remove the dirt that is left over and help clear any clogged down pipes. While you are cleaning out your gutters take note of any damaged pieces and repair or replace them. Most gutter parts are found at your local hardware store. Finally, we suggest touching up any needed paint and looking around your eaves for pests, mold and rot.  

Clean Gutters

Check your foundation


Your foundation is the last step in this phase of the Rennison Roofing Spring Cleaning Exterior Checklist, whew say that five times fast. Walk around your home and look at your foundation. Check for cracks and damage as well as erosion. It is also good to look for any sign of pests including termites, so you can treat a small problem before it becomes an infestation. If you have a crawlspace or an unfinished basement, you should get inside of this area and check for water damage, mold and pests. We also recommend you look at your pipes for leaks or rust. If caught early, plumbing needs are much cheaper to fix than when they become an emergency. Remove and trim back any bushes or other vegetation that has become overgrown, you don’t want anything touching your home or growing in or under your home as that causes foundation, pipe and sewer issues that no one wants to deal with. While walking around your home you should also take note of any retaining walls or detached structures like sheds and garages. These are a part of your property and can decrease the value of your home if not maintained.  

Read Part Two. This part of our Exterior Spring Cleaning checklist is more about the integrity of your home’s structure and less about the curb appeal. Maintaining your home can help ensure a long life for your family’s main investment. In the next phase we will cover how to increase your curb appeal with our check list: Doors, Windows and Siding, Oh My!