Doors, Windows and Siding, Oh My!

In phase one we went over the structure of your home from the top to the bottom. That phase, if your home had no damage or infestations, should have taken the better part of a weekend for you, with time on Sunday afternoon to enjoy a dog walk or a cold beer. We suggest, if you haven’t read Phase one, you start there as it will be a more efficient use of your time and effort. Phase two might take the full weekend, however, by the end you will be ready to host your friends and family for a BBQ. Today, we will be focusing on the appearance of your home, making it inviting and cozy. Step By Step to Great Curb Appeal:


Power Wash Your Home

The first step is power washing your home. Start by checking your siding for any loose pieces or damage and trim back any bushes that are too big or remove unwanted plants growing too close to your home. Then power wash away. This step is only called for every other year unless your home gets very little sun light and molds fast.


Power Wash Roof


Clean Your Windows


Next step is windows, the eyes of your home. Windows allow natural light in and make your home seem bigger by allowing the outside in, but they also tend to get grimy. Start by inspecting your window sill and frame for damage and rot. If you need a window replacement give us a call. We have great windows to fit your home’s style and budget. If your window sill and frame is in good shape, it’s just a matter of cleaning the glass. Start outside and remove your screen. Wipe off any dirt on your frame and touch up any needed paint around the window. Before putting your screen back on, make sure paint is dry and check your screen for any damage. Replace if necessary. Lastly, examine your shutters if you have them. Leaves can build up behind shutters and, just like build up on your roof, can increase the growth of mold and mildew, leading to damage to shutters themselves or siding on your home. Touch your shutters up with paint if necessary and move on to your doors.


Examine Your Doorways

Doors and entryways are step 3, which means you’re well on your way to that BBQ with friends. Look around your door and frame for any signs of damage or rot, as is our ongoing theme for this spring cleaning. If you need a door replaced, just like windows, we can help offering rot resistant doors that will last for decades in the humidity of Columbia’s crazy weather. If your door jamb and frame are sturdy, it’s just a matter of wiping down your door, removing any spider webs or dust. Check your door handles and tighten any loose screws to ensure your doors are secure. Lastly, touch up any needed paint so everything looks fresh and new.

Provia Display Door

Check Lights for Safety!


Lastly, check any lighting fixtures that are normally around your homes entryways. Remove the glass and wash away all those dead bugs and moths, remove spider webs and replace light bulbs as needed. Light keeps your home safe and your safe when you get home late.

 Entry Door By ProVia

Checklist Complete!

Once you are done, you would have spent two whole weekends outside cleaning, but your home will look great! Your hard work will add value to your home in curb appeal and help maintain the property value of the neighborhood you live in. Plus, you will be well acquainted with your home, knowing what might need to be replaced soon and where your home might have trouble spots. Remember that exterior spring cleaning can help extend the life of your home. A well-maintained home is at a lower risk for high cost emergencies like mold, termites and leaks.  It can also be an activity that your family can do together, teaching your children the value of taking pride in your home.   Looking for more Rennison Reads? Check out our other blog posts here!